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sweet fence
sweet fence

Beautiful and AFFORDABLE factory direct fencing ready to pick up in SLC!

Our Story


Last year, our family decided to fence our yard.  We wanted to do iron but quickly found out that it was way out of our price range!  The simple iron fence we chose would cost us over $75 per linear foot!  Thats right!  More than $600 for every 8' section!  

After owning an import company for over 25 years, we decided to direct import an iron fence for our yard.  We partnered with a leading fence factory with more than 50 years of experience and we imported our fence.  

Our fence arrived and we finished the entire installation with 3 gates in just one Saturday!  Piece of cake! 

Best of all, our DIY iron fence will cost you just over $10 per linear foot!

EASY DIY Installation!


Simply put, our fence is designed for very simply installation! If you can dig a hole, level a post, drive a self tapping screw and cut a one inch square metal tube, you can install this fence!

Needed tools:  Shovel, hack saw or sawzall, drill or impact driver with 3/8” hex driver.  That’s it!

Excellent Quality!


We start with galvanized steel to prevent rust,  We then use Dupont powder coating to create years of worry free durability and beauty!  With more than 50 years of manufacturing fencing and shipping worldwide, our factory produces the finest quality product available!


All needed brackets included with purchase.

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